Friday, November 18, 2011

What Life Will Be Like After Armageddon

The world today is in a state of economic chaos. Governments are threatening to collapse; Iran is getting closer to having a nuclear bomb (they already have the missile capability to deliver one to Israel); a pandemic could easily wipe out millions. Life as we know it today could abruptly change for the worse.

The Bible is clear that economic, pandemic, and environmental disasters will culminate in a global war. That battle will take place in the valley of Armageddon in Israel. It says that demonic spirits will perform great signs to lure the kings of the whole world in assembling at the low hills around Megiddo overlooking the Plain of Esdraelon where many of Israel’s ancient battles were fought. The difference between this battle and previous ones is that these kingdoms will be assembling to fight against Almighty God.
Besides the demonic deception, the leaders of these nations will gather because they believe that God has caused the problems. They are right. The earth will be real mess by this time. God will have already killed one fourth of the population by wars, famine, pestilence, and even wild animals. There have been at least two gigantic world shaking earthquakes. How many will die in those isn’t recorded.

A third of the earth has been burned including a third of the trees and all the grass. A third of the oceans have been polluted by what appears to be an asteroid impact. A third of the animal life in the sea and a third of all shipping is wiped out. Another meteorite pollutes one third of the fresh water on the earth. Not surprisingly, this all probably causes such atmospheric pollution that the sun is dimmed by one third of its power and a third of the stars can’t be seen.
A third of the population is also killed in addition to all that died from the previous pollutants and fires. We aren’t told how many people will be killed during the battle of Armageddon. It could be that people all around the world who have aligned themselves with the kings will also be killed. The result is that earth’s population will be significantly reduced, perhaps to only a few million.

As the kings gather, many things will happen at about the same time. Babylon will be destroyed. This could be a symbolic name for another city or a rebuilt Babylon in Iraq. Jesus will come back with the armies of heaven and completely destroy the armies at Armageddon. For seven years, the cities of Israel will use the left over armament at Armageddon for fuel. They will send out search parties for seven months to find and bury all the bones of the dead.
Obviously, there will be people left doing this clean up. But what will the earth look like? Will the atmosphere be polluted for generations so that life is miserable? Will the infrastructure of the nations be devastated so that commerce reverts to bargaining and trading? How long will it take the earth to heal, vegetation to grow back, and the oceans to return to normal? Will mankind be able to survive until this happens?

The Bible doesn’t talk about how long these things will take. However, some very interesting changes will take place that indicate God will restore the planet. He will make it better than it has since before the flood. These are supernatural changes that affect the very nature of man and animals.
Carnivorous animals such as lions, leopards, and wolves will no long prey on other animals. Lambs, goats, and calves will dwell together in safety. The will graze together. This means the very DNA of these animals will be altered so that they can subsist on vegetation. The natural fear of carnivores will be taken away. These animals will be so tame that a child can safely walk up to them. Concerning vegetation, even harmful brier and thorn bushes will no longer grow. Instead, productive trees will take their place. The Dead Sea will also come alive and be teeming with fish.

It is a result of Satan’s deception that the world is in its current decaying state after mankind’s fall in the Garden of Eden. When Jesus comes back, He will bind Satan locking him in a pit. It is only fitting that Jesus will then return the earth back to the same or better state as it was in the Garden of Eden. It is evident that this dramatic change will be occur since plant and animal DNA will need to be altered for it to happen. Significant environmental changes will also be required.
What about people, will mankind’s DNA be changed as well? That is possible as well. The Bible certainly says that people will suddenly be living longer after Jesus returns. Infant mortality will actually cease. People who are a hundred years old will be considered only in their youth. If a person dies at the young age of a hundred, he will be considered accursed or a sinner.

It is possible that this long life may be a result of genetic changes in the human race or it could be because diseases will be eliminated. Death due to violence and war will no longer happen because Jesus will be in control of the earth. The Bible says He will rule with a rod of iron. That means that He and those who will be ruling with Him will have such a tight grip on society that rebellion and criminal activity will be effectively stopped before any harm can come to others.
There will be many benefits to this new society. Poverty will be eliminated because Jesus will make sure that everyone shares with others. Everyone will have the same opportunity for education. There will always be work available to anyone who wants a job. There won’t be a welfare system to enable people to live off others. Jesus’ government will make sure that able-bodied people will be working or punished if they don’t. People who don’t like Christian values in this age will find this new society to be very oppressive.

People who think capitalism is the only correct form of economics will be shocked to discover that the CEO of a company has the same rewards and benefits as the janitor. If the janitor has five kids and the CEO has only one, then the janitor would have a bigger house. The CEO may have some things that the Janitor doesn’t but it will only be because they are necessary for effectively running the company. The company will exist to provide products or services to others. Its success will not be measured by profits but how well it does this and without charge. The government, led by Jesus, will make sure that all is fair by His standards.
Considering all the changes that will be made, the earth could be rapidly repopulated. People will retain the technologies that have mushroomed in the past century. In this new environment, they will increase even faster. Since people will not die off when their research is yet unfinished, it won’t have to pass on to someone else who had to go over the same learning curve as his predecessor. This would lead to breakthroughs in physics which could enable travel to other planets and even stars.

Read the book 999Years after Armageddon, The End of the Millennium, a novel depicting the end of this time on earth to see if you would be one to find this life oppressive or liberating.

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