Thursday, December 6, 2012

What would you do if you knew the end of the world were to occur December 21, 2012?

According to a New York Times article that was repeated in local newspapers, people in Russia are exhibiting strange behavior as the day approaches. Women inmates in a prison had to be calmed by a priest and some panicked citizens are stocking up on essentials. The Russian minister of emergency situations has issued an official proclamation that they are monitoring the earth and can confidently proclaim that the earth isn’t going to end December 21, 2012.

France plans to bar access to mount Bugarach where some believe that it will protect a few from the end of the world.
In the U.S. there are survival groups that are preparing for the end of the world. They are not necessarily focusing on December 21, 2012 but believe that they will need to survive economic or natural disasters that will throw the world into chaos.
What should Christians do in light of all this? What should we be doing and what if we could know the exact date of the end of the world, what would you do?
I think the first thing to do is get a grip on what the Bible has to say about the end of the world. There are two important things to remember. The first is that God is in control and He will make sure that the earth continues as long as He wants. He made the promise to Noah.
“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease." (Gen 8:22 ESV)
Because of this promise, some have been lulled into a false assumption that there won’t be an end to the world. The Russian minister who says there is no eminent disaster is one of them. These people scoff at the idea that God will bring an end to the world. This is just as Peter predicted in 2 Peter 3:1-7.
The second thing to know is that the earth will end, but it won’t end in the way most people expect. When the final end comes, it will be complete. There won’t be anywhere to hide; there won’t be any mountains to protect you. It will all be destroyed and God will judge all of mankind.
But the day of the Lord will come like a thief. The heavens will disappear with a roar; the elements will be destroyed by fire, and the earth and everything in it will be laid bare. (2 Peter 3:10 NIV)
Peter follows up this statement by asking what kind of people we should be in light of this pending destruction. He then answers the question by giving us some very important points.
1.       We need to live holy and godly lives (2 Peter 3:11). How we live our lives speaks wonders about our witness to those who scoff and claim that God either doesn’t exist or condones sinful behavior. They know better and our behavior convicts them. Our lifestyle isn't enough, as we need to let people know why we don’t participate in their sinful activities. Otherwise, we are just good people and good people without a relationship with Jesus are not going to be saved from the disaster (Matt 25:1-13). We must be able to tell people about Jesus.
2.       We need to look forward to the day and speed its coming (2 Peter 3:12). Wow! Most people wouldn’t want to do that. They are looking for ways to prevent it. If you aren’t looking forward to that day, then I suggest you examine your relationship with Jesus because it means we will be with Him forever and all sin and corruption will finally be stopped (2 Peter 3:13). Who wouldn’t want that?
3.       We need to be at peace with Jesus (2 Peter 3:14). Part of living godly lives is being spotless and blameless which results in being at peace with the Lord. Don’t get this wrong. Making efforts to be spotless and at peace with God is not something what we can do on our own. If it were, then Jesus wouldn’t have had to die for our sins. Rom 5:1-11 lets us know that we didn’t do it on our own but God did it for us while we were still sinners. If the name of Jesus doesn’t bring you peace and joy, then the upcoming end of the world will not usher you into the presence of God but away from him in that lake of fire.
This article doesn’t say a lot more that it does say. It doesn’t say that no one can know exactly when the end will occur (Matt 24:36, Acts 1:7), so read these verses and figure that out. It doesn’t speak of all the things that must take place first (Matt 24:33-34).
A lot of things will happen before the end of the world. There will be many disasters, judgment, and tribulation. People will think these are the end, but it isn’t. The truth for most of us is that we will all die before we see the end. Then where will you be? Will you be with Jesus? If you don’t know for sure that you will be in heaven and welcomed by the Father because you trust only in Jesus’ sacrifice for you, then you will be in much bigger trouble than being alive at the end of the world. If you can read this, then it isn’t too late to turn to Jesus and be prepared for the end of the world or the end of your life on this earth.
What would I be doing if I knew the end was only a few day away? I would tell people to read this article and be prepared to meet Jesus.

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  1. Well written Ray - thanks to you and Terri for being lifetime laborers for Jesus Christ! Jim and Ellen Walker