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These are the books that Ray has written. 

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Reflections on Revelation Part I, II, and III. 

Please see my page on this blog Bible study of the Book of Revelation.

The Horses of Carvecchio

Carvecchio is an immortal wizard. To remain immortal, he must carve one wooden horse every year. His wizardly skills give him the ability to make any of his colorful creations come to life when he calls upon them. He chooses three horses, Hurricane, Shadow Knight, and Stargazer to possess magical powers when they briefly come to life during special adventures throughout history. When ridden, these majestic animals give strength and power to their riders as well as enable Carvecchio to see through the rider’s eyes and know their thoughts. After an embarrassing encounter with early Christians, Carvecchio uses his enchanted horses in attempts to derail this movement at critical moments in history. Find it here Amazon.com

The Voice of Con

Con artists Darryl Smith and his girlfriend Renee Cleve have the perfect scam helping Vietnam era draftees escape military service by enabling them to fail their physical and get a 4-F status. Darryl is aided by a voice that speaks to him, providing guidance and the power to manipulate others.

Their newest “client” is very wealthy and provides the temptation to get more than their usual pay for their draft dodging services. Instead of being on easy street they find themselves in over their heads as they come up against the mob.

This is Ray Ruppert’s second novel and his fifth book. 

Battling Satan with the Armor of God

Our worst enemy is Satan and it is no joke that he is seeking to devour us (1 Peter 5:8). We need to know our enemy or we will always be on the defensive and we will suffer defeat. We can’t live a victorious Christian life if we underestimate Satan’s power and abilities. We are told to take our stand against the devil’s schemes (Ephesians 6:11).

This booklet will help us understand Satan’s abilities and the spiritual realm in which he operates. It looks at the cosmic battle that has been waging since the beginning of time, Satan’s origins, his fall, powers of heavenly beings, and more.

Knowing these things will help us understand Satan’s capabilities so that we can use the armor of God to overcome his schemes and live a victorious Christian life.

 Reflections on First and Second Peter

Peter’s teachings written to the early Church come alive and become relevant to Christian life in the present world. Mr. Ruppert doesn’t shy away from tough theological issues such as election and assurance of salvation. He brings a biblical view of actual persecution and suffering while offering insight into the hope of the Christian faith. Salvation and living holy lives in this present age are frequent topics. This is only a summary of the first chapter!

Laced with Scripture, Mr. Ruppert relates many passages to the topics he explores by examining both First and Second Peter verse by verse. He writes primarily in the first person as he examines how the Bible applies to himself. His insights will be a blessing to anyone who desires a closer walk with the Lord

Study questions are provided in the appendix for those would like to use this book for a small group study. 

The End of the Millennium

Have you ever wondered why anyone would want to try to defeat Jesus Christ after He has been ruling on the earth for a thousand years? Have you wondered how Satan can deceive billions of people while Jesus is physically present on the earth? Do you wonder how people will rule with Christ and govern the nations with a rod of iron? In this novel, you will find the answer to these and many other questions about life 999 years after the battle of Armageddon in this new world order called the Millennium Reign of Christ.

Those who oppose the new world order will make you wonder if the world ruler, The Sovereign Yehowshuwa, is really who he claims to be. They uncover knowledge hidden for ages and present compelling arguments to prove the wrong person won the battle of Armageddon. Was humanity’s real savior, The Chancellor Ben-Shaachar, imprisoned for one thousand years?

Originally presented in two books, The Sovereign Reigns, or Does He? and The Sovereign’s Last Battle, 999 Years After Armageddon – The End of the Millennium contains the complete story for your reading enjoyment. 

Cows for Kids, Cow Fun and Facts

Cows for Kids, Cow Fun and Facts, is a fun filled learning experience about cattle. It’s chock-full of beautiful photos of various breeds, colors, sizes, and ages of cattle. It’s fun because you can tell what the cows are thinking! They have quite a sense of humor. It’s educational as facts are interspersed with the fun.

Dairy cows are featured with actual photos of cows lining up to get milked and the actual milking operation. It is udderly fascinating and educational!

Since calves are so cute, there is an abundance of pictures of calves ranging from newborn to several weeks old. You’ll learn what it takes for a newborn calf to be healthy.

You will also get to see young people grooming and preparing their animals for show. These 4-H and FFA youngsters are learning what it takes to care for and even breed cattle. When show time comes you can see the results.

The last section of this book shows how Werkoven Dairy and Qualco Energy have teamed up to provide an environmentally friendly farm that uses the manure to benefit farmers, fishermen, and families. “This book is a great learning tool.” — Qualco Energy Board of directors

For added enjoyment, a fun quiz is at the end of the book. Be careful, there may be some trick questions.

Malinda is an accomplished author of many children’s books. She lives in Mississippi. Ray Ruppert lives in western Washington where most of these pictures were taken. This is the second book that Malinda Mitchell and Ray Ruppert have produced together.

Respect and Enjoy God's Creation

God’s creation is all around us. Ray Ruppert has provided the photographs and Malinda Mitchell provides great tips for children to learn how to respect His creation. Whether on vacation, visiting a farm, zoo, or just in their own back yard, children will be able to appreciate and learn more about the way we have been blessed with God’s creation.

Each page is accompanied by photographs which will inspire children and adults alike.

You will want to get this book and read it to your younger children or have your older ones read it to you. You can discuss how God has provided for us through His creation and how we should take good care of what He has provided.

Malinda Mitchell resides in Mississippi with her husband, Alton. She has four grown children, a seventeen-year-old son, and eight grandchildren. Malinda has been writing fiction for all ages for more than forty years. Malinda’s favorite interests are spending time with family and friends, writing, and still-life oil painting. Malinda also had articles published in the 2008 summer and 2009 spring issues of Once Upon A Time Magazine before they closed their doors. She also writes for a card company.

Ray Ruppert is an amateur photographer, author , and editor for Tex Ware Publishing. He lives in Washington State with his wife, Terri, where many of the pictures in this book were taken. The cover photo is of the Skykomish valley as seen from Wallace Falls.

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