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The Kindle Version of most of these Books are free on the following dates in 2020!
December 5, 12, 19-21
Includes The Horses of Carvecchio

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Reflections on Revelation Part I, II, and III. 

 If you have ever been afraid to study the book of Revelation because the prophecies and the symbolism are too confusing, then this series of studies is for you. The prophecies and symbols will be studied in conjunction with the rest of the Bible so that you will learn from the Bible what God has to say in the book of Revelation. The objective of this study series is to bring you closer to Jesus and give you hope for the future. In doing this you will know Him more and will be able to serve Him better regardless of your circumstances. This study is not designed to tell you when, where, or why some country is going to invade Israel. It will not tell you when the rapture is going to occur but it analyzes Scripture so you can have an informed theology of the end-times.

Kindle Edition

The Horses of Carvecchio

Carvecchio is an immortal wizard. To remain immortal, he must carve one wooden horse every year. His wizardly skills give him the ability to make any of his colorful creations come to life when he calls upon them. He chooses three horses, Hurricane, Shadow Knight, and Stargazer to possess magical powers when they briefly come to life during special adventures throughout history. When ridden, these majestic animals give strength and power to their riders as well as enable Carvecchio to see through the rider’s eyes and know their thoughts. After an embarrassing encounter with early Christians, Carvecchio uses his enchanted horses in attempts to derail this movement at critical moments in history. Find it here Amazon.com
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