Revelation Bible Study

I'm in the process of converting my book, Revelation: A Layperson's Reflections into a Bible study on the book of revelation. I’m adding questions for the reader to answer as we go through the Book of Revelation. Each question will be in a box and provide room for answers to be written when the book is finally in print. I'm also updating the Scripture references from KJV to various versions. As I re-edit the book, I’ll be clarifying points and expanding details when appropriate.This one book will now become three thirteen-week studies.

Starting in May of 2016, three of my professors from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary (where I received my Master of Arts in Theological Studies) are reviewing my books. When they are finished I will be getting the books published.

The current version of Revelation: A Layperson’s Reflections is no longer available.

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