Friday, February 23, 2018

February 23: Matthew 6:30-56; Too Busy to Eat

            As I read about Jesus feeding the five thousand, walking on water, and healing many at Gennesaret, I was impressed that Jesus and the disciples “had no leisure even to eat (Mark 6:31). Even after feeding the five thousand, the disciples climbed back into the boat and left. Jesus was praying (Mark 6:46). In the meantime, the disciples were not sailing but rowing against the wind (Mark 6:48). None of them hadn’t had time for leisure. When the got to Gennesaret, they were recognized and again brought people to them for healing (Mark 6:53). Wherever they went, the same thing happened (Mark 6:54).
            How did they keep going under these circumstances? Jesus recognized their need to get away for a while and rest (Mark 6:30), but their attempts to find that rest only brought them in contact with crowds of needy people. When they fed the five thousand, they were busy carrying loaves and fish to the people. They most likely had time to eat but it wasn’t in leisure and then it was followed by an all-night rowing marathon.
            Jesus didn’t have it any better. He was praying. While most of us would fall asleep trying to pray at night after an exhausting day, Jesus was wide awake and even cognizant of the predicament of his disciples. Jesus didn’t get any rest that night either.
             They were working in God’s power and I’m convinced it was only by his power that they were able to do his. I’m sure Jesus was aware of it but the disciple were most likely oblivious to it. Our problem with being too busy is seldom because of ministry. We may convince ourselves that it is but unless we prioritize our lives around God’s desires for us, we will most likely be too busy because of other things.
            If you find yourself too busy to eat a leisurely meal with your family, it’s time to pray and examine what you are doing with your time. It isn’t time to get back in the boat and start rowing against the wind hoping Jesus will come walking on the water and rescue you. It’s time to go up on the mountain and talk to Jesus about what you are doing and what he want you to do.

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