Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11: Psalm 10:4-6; Matthew 8:23-27

           In Psalm 10, the Psalmist makes several statements about wicked people. The people he observed are not much different from people today. He states that he thinks there is no God (Ps 10:4). As long as they are prospering, they don’t think at all about possible judgment for their actions, the cheating ways they scheme and become prosperous (Ps 10:5). Indeed, he even thinks that he will never have adversity (Ps 10:6). In their hubris, they believe they are in control of their circumstances.
            In contrast to their thoughts, we see something in Matthew that should humble anyone who is so confident of themselves as those described in the Psalm. Jesus is crossing the sea in a boat when a storm comes up. Jesus is asleep. The one who created the universe is now calmly sleeping while his creation is attempting to destroy him and his disciples. The disciples are genuinely fearing for their lives and wake Jesus. He gently rebukes them for their lack of faith and calms the storm. They marvel wondering what sort of man he is.
            Put any of the people from Psalm 10 in the boat and what would happen? Would they become believers in God? Would they repent of their pride when they realize that they had absolutely no control over their destiny when they were caught in the storm? Would they wonder about Jesus, but more importantly, would they recognize him as God, the Messiah, their Savior.
            At one time we were all like the people of Psalm 10. We may not have been all that confident of ourselves but even as a child, we wanted to be in control of our environment. We were dead in sin, but Jesus put us in the boat with him. If we think about it, we should recognize that we can’t control anything. We are completely dependent on God. When we do wise up, we should turn to Jesus who is in control of everything, especially of our eternity. He will never forsake us when we trust in him for our salvation. He will help us when circumstances try to drag us away from the Lord. He is sufficient for all our needs. Unlike those who trust in themselves and think they will never have adversity, we know that whatever adversity we have in this life will not keep us from eternity with the Lord.

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